I was born Niels Lind Nielsen in 1935, I was the only child out of 14 to be given the surname of Nielsen. My fathers surname was Norgard, while my mothers surname was Nielsen, I still don't know today the reason why I was named after my mother.
We all grew up in a small town named Arnborg which around 350km West of Copenhagen. It was a small town like so many towns in Denmark. We were raised by loving Parents on a small Farm in which my father had built. Our upbringing was diciplined and each and everyone of us knew what our responsibilities were. When I got home from school, I had to work on the farm with all of my brothers and sisters, when things were done, we had a lot of spare time to play amongst each other. This was a daily routine in which no one ever complained about. It was a part of our life as children and we knew nothing else.
When each child finished middle school  which was the age of 15-16 years, it was time to move out of home and look for work on other farms. I had just turned 14 and it was my last year working on the farm, I was able to get an apprenticeship as a Carpenter and Joiner. I had to travel 12km each way on my pushbike.
Our family would get together each and every weekend. We had a very close family with a lot of love. We all got on and there was no fighting amongst us. This was the way we were bought up by our parents.
After my apprenticeship it was compulsary to join the National Service (Army) for a period of 18 months, and this was were I made my decision to migrate to Australia.
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