Sport has been a part of my life. Although sporting opportunities were tough while growing up during the war. We played soccer at school, I was always the first to be picked in the team, we always played bearfoot. When I arrived in Australia it seemed to be a part of the culture in 1957. Soccer/Football was what got my interest when I arrived. Meeting new friends the game itself was just something that was done each and every weekend during the winter. I had never heard of Cricket until my first summer in Australia, we used to listen to it on the radio and I found it hard to work out. I remember going to the SCG to watch an Ashes game Australia v England in 1974 and watched Dennis Lillee and Jeff Thompson. I have enjoyed the game ever since.
Soccer is what I loved the most, I played for several teams in the 60's and 70's and represented the Sutherland Shire 1965. At the age of 36 I decided to start coaching, and coached some very successful teams throughout my career. In 1977 I had built a Sports Studio in the Sutherland Shire and it's main purpose was to help people get off the streets. I was the first to operate an Indoor Soccer competition which was run in conjunction with Roller Skating. I ended up getting that involved with Roller Skating that I was the NSW President of AFARS (Australian Federation of Amature Roller Skaters.
I have many experiences in which I would like to share with your. I hope you enjoy some of my experiences.
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